About Us: Everything You Want To Know About BulgarianBrides

Why do we review dating sites?

We could have answered this question in a more “professional” and boring way, but we want to tell you the truth. And the truth is: we are really tired of poor dating websites. Almost every member of our team has, to one degree or another, suffered from bad dating sites that just don’t work as expected. We don’t want other American men to make the same mistakes we did and to waste money and time on the same dating websites we did. That’s why we’ve created BulgarianBrides.net — to help other men find good websites without reading hundreds of reviews and without spending hundreds of dollars on services that just aren’t worth the money. We are international dating enthusiasts, and we are going to help you here!

BulgarianBrides.net monetization: How do we make money?

All the reviews you will find here are free to use, all the dating guides and tips are also provided for free. Basically, all the information on BulgarianBrides.net is free. There are no paid services and you do not need to pay for anything here. BulgarianBrides.net is financed by the companies we write our reviews about. Here’s how it works: the user clicks on our link, signs up on a website, or pays for credits/paid subscription on a dating website — after that, we get the compensation for these actions. It’s 100% free and there are no additional fees for you as a customer — we get advertising compensation for the users we’ve brought to a website, it’s as simple as that. The compensations, however, can influence the order in which the dating sites are presented on BulgarianBrides. At the same time, all our reviews are 100% honest and we always analyze a lot of data to make a review.

How do we review dating platforms?

The goal of BulgarianBrides.net is to provide the most relevant reviews of the best dating sites to all our customers. Our team consists of analysts, designers, and other specialists who know everything about dating platforms and about how to distinguish the good ones from the bad ones. We do our best to provide you with the latest information about the best dating services!

What factors do we analyze?

Attendance of the website

Almost every dating site claims that it has tens or even hundreds of thousands of users. These numbers are often far from reality. That’s why we always analyze website traffic statistics with SimilarWeb/SEranking to understand how many users are there and how much time they spend on every website. We analyze real statistics, find real numbers, and provide them to our customers.

Reputation and trustworthiness

A good dating service must have tons of positive reviews. Unfortunately, getting fake positive reviews is a very common thing in the online dating industry. We at BulgarianBrides.net know everything about spotting fake reviews and about analyzing the feedbacks. We use all the possible platforms (Sitejabber, Trustpilot, Influenster, etc) to find the reviews written by real customers. We analyze what real people say about a dating site to find its strong and weak sides.

Interface design

A dating site must have an easy-to-use interface. Our idea is that even if the customer has never used any dating sites, he must deal with the interface without any problems. That’s why we test the functionality and the user interface of all the international dating sites you’ll find on BulgarianBrides.net. Our team of designers tests literally everything related to design, interface, and user experience to make sure it will be comfortable for you to use the dating platforms.

Profile quality

We want the customers to use only the services with the best quality of the profiles. We chat with women to analyze the response rate and we view hundreds of profiles to analyze their quality. If a website has thousands of women, that’s ok, but it’s also necessary that these women respond to you and have detailed profiles with several photos that depict one person.

Customer support

Before we assign the final score to the site, we analyze its customer service. We chat with customer support specialists and call them (if it’s possible) to understand how fast they can solve a customer’s problem. Generally, the faster they react, the better.

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